Our Story

Our Story

Growing up in the South allowed us to spend every summer at backyard barbecues, on the water, fishing, and just having fun.  Needless to say growing up in North Carolina had its perks.  Of course a lot has changed over the last decade, but no one can argue that tobacco put our great state on the map. For many years much of the economy was built on and fueled by the worlds largest tobacco companies.  Surprisingly, there is still a surplus of tobacco sticks that no one seems to have good use for, until one fateful day when a tobacco stick met one of our cookouts and an idea was born.  

As we like to say it started with a hooker…but it doesn’t end there.  The idea to make a simple grill tool using a stainless steel rod with a hook on the end of a tobacco stick seemed useful enough.  Friends soon became fans and started requesting their very own “hookers”. 

We started accumulating the sticks, cleaning them, cutting them down and carefully deciding which one worked best for each individual tool. The difference, what sets us apart, is the fact that we still install all of our custom blades by hand. Our oyster knives are one of a kind being that we burn the blades into the handle to minimize slippage.  Our final touch is hand tying each leather handle onto the tools with our letter pressed tags.

What was just a hobby quickly transformed into a business almost overnight.  Because our first product was deemed the “hooker” we decided to name the company after it and just like that “Southern Hooker” was born.  After our success with the grill tools and accessories, we moved on to our next venture, hats. 

We always liked the concept of a simple design for hats, one that easily transitions from the boat to the grill.  With that thought in mind, we created an old school trucker hat with a clean patch design in an array of colors, themes, and styles.  

We’re doing what we love and love what we’re doing.  Hope you get hooked as easily as we did!


Zack and Patrick


Owners Patrick Mills and Zack Wiggins